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Scott Brown  
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2016 GOP Convention

Potential 2016 Republican Presidential Candidate

Former U.S. Senator from Massachusetts

Scott Philip Brown
Born: September 12th, 1959  (age 55)

There are not many politicians who can lay claim to creating a support bloc within the opposition party. But like his idol, former president Ronald Reagan, Cosmo’s 1982 America’s Sexiest Man can count on the support of the Brown Democrats from the blue state of Massachusetts.

Ironically though, despite the former National Guardsmen’s consistent record of voting along party lines, he is often derisively referred to as a RINO by a section of the grassroots. Perhaps this has to do with Brown’s less than enthusiastic stance on abortion, where some would even go as far as calling him a pro-choice advocate. Or, his resistance to attempts by colleagues to enact legislation banning same-sex marriages in the Bay State. Many within the ranks though, point at his tie-breaking vote in the Senate for the passing of the President Obama-backed Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform Act of 2010.

Whatever the reason may be, perhaps his troubled childhood (a broken home, sexual abuses and shopliftings) has made him just that little bit more sympathetic to those that do not share his convictions. It is a testament to the former real estate attorney’s strength of character though that he managed to successfully leave those dark days behind.

However, one thing that most can agree on is that Senator Scott Philip Brown is one of the most hardworking politicians in the country, as he demonstrated during his 14 years in the Massachusetts legislatures and 3 years in the U.S. Senate. Many would recall an exhausted Brown seemingly ready to fall asleep at the podium during his Senate election victory speech.

However, for all of his potential, many are wondering why a relatively junior politician is receiving so much attention and at one point, was heralded by some quarters as a potential president of the country. His supporters have drawn parallels with President Obama’s own relatively short three years tenure as Senator before running for President.

His time with the National Guards could turn out to be a major selling point under the present political climate. While he did not participate in any combat, he has been deployed to Kazakhstan and Paraguay on peacekeeping and support missions, and was also awarded the Army’s Commendation Medal following the 9/11 WTC attacks (for meritorious service in homeland security).

His reelection defeat at the hands of Senator Elizabeth Warren in 2012 has dampened his momentum, but less it be forgotten, this is the same man who won the late Ted Kennedy’s Senate seat in the heavily-liberal state. No small feat by any stretch of the imagination.

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